For the many women who haven’t been naturally blessed with long and thick eyelashes, the quest for a product which would achieve that sultry look has been arduous. The aspiration for these women to have the boost in self-esteem and confidence that longer lusher lashes can achieve has created the demand for an effective beauty product.

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Prior To The Eyelash Serum

Unfortunately for many years, the products which were available simply were not up to the task. For many years false eyelashes were the only option, but these were difficult to use, potentially messy and could cause damage to the natural eyelashes, reducing their appearance further. More recently eyelash extensions became readily available but although they could create a more natural looking finish, they failed to address the problems caused by their predecessor.
Next came the cosmetic products, which sought to create the appearance of longer fuller lashes. These too were a little disappointing with sticky products which were prone to smudging or compromised by sweat or tears. It seemed that these eyelash impaired women were doomed to be without long full lashes until the introduction of the eyelash serum.

Introducing the Eyelash Serum

revitalashEyelash serums were developed quite by accident. Eye care professionals noticed that the treatment for certain eye conditions had the side effect of increasing the length and volume of the eyelashes. When this was investigated, the potential was immediately seen and the first eyelash serum was born.
The initial eyelash serum product was only available on prescription and was extremely costly. Many cosmetic companies sought to copy the product but only produced inferior facsimiles which failed to present the wow factor. This was until the development of Revitalash.

How to Use Revitalash

Revitalash was one of only a few reputable companies who sought to invest serious research and development into a product that was both economical and effective. Their eyelash serum is delivered in a similar manner to liquid eyeliner or mascara. You simply apply it to the eyelid above the eyelashes once a day. It is recommended that you wash your face and hands thoroughly before application to prevent any infection and you should avoid the serum coming in contact with the eye. This minimal amount of product can produce a dramatic effect in a short space of time, increasing both the length and volume of the existing lashes for a natural and sultry look. This can be ideal for those women who have natural fair and thin lashes, or those who have lost their lash volume due to dietary changes or illness.

Side Effects of Revitalash

The product has been thoroughly researched and tested and allows easy access to key ingredients which have been clinically proven to improve lash length and volume without the cost and inconvenience of obtaining a prescription. Due to the fact that it is a high quality product, there is minimal risk of irritation or side effects. Some people who have especially sensitive eyes may feel some itching or redness but temporarily ceasing application until the symptoms are gone will correct the problem. The serum can cause a slight darkening effect on the skin of the eyelid but this is usually a temporary effect. In a small minority of people the iris of their eyes can slightly change color but this is a purely cosmetic effect and it presents no danger to the health of the eye.

5 out of 5
wonderful product
“As a self confessed beauty junkie. I am amazed it took me so long to purchase this. For the last three months I have used it AM and PM. Wow this is one of the best beauty purchases ever. My lashes are long strong and dark hitting my specticals when Iblink great..This is money well spent. I am now going to start on the brow lash. Don’t buy this if you are not going to use it every day”

How Revitalash Works

The serum conditions the eyelashes increasing their strength and durability which allows the use of eyelash extensions if the lash growth is not occurring fast enough. However, in most cases visible effects can be seen in a matter of a couple of weeks. Once the lashes have increased in length and volume there is no need to continue daily use to enjoy the effects long term, although a top up application may be needed periodically.

Research and Reviews

Like many cosmetic products Revitalash eyelash serum has not received FDA approval. This is since cosmetic products differ from their prescription only counterparts and are not classified as drugs. However, the product has been rigorously researched and tested. The product itself has received a great range of support in the media with many positive reviews of the fast and effective results seen by users of the product.

5 out of 5
“When I saw the demo for this product I was skeptical that such a simple process could reap such results. Then there was the price which was not really within my budget. However, the more I watched the demonstrations coupled with my desperation to improve the condition of my very sparse lashes, the more I was determined to give it a try. The 30-day money back guarantee also helped. Well…since trying this 6 months ago I have not looked back. My lashes have increased in length and strength and soft to the touch. I am on my second bottle now but just using it 2-3 times a week for maintenance. Well worth the money!”

The company prides itself on delivering a reputable product which will deliver the desired results. They provide advice and guidance to assist customers to ensure they are receiving a genuine product. They encourage genuine product feedback as they are constantly developing new products to assist women to achieve their full beauty potential. The company is active in giving back to the community in the form of sponsorship of a number of charities which empower and assist women of all ages and communities.

revitalash before and after

Want to Try Revitalash?

If you are fed up with invisible eyelashes which make you feel self-conscious, fed up with spending hundreds of dollars on the latest mascara or cosmetic product which promises the appearance of longer lashes, then Revitalash could be just what you have been looking for. You could be enjoying the seductive feel of batting long thick lustrous lashes in only a matter of weeks.

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Don’t Buy Lilash Until You Have Read The Lilash Reviews

by Kelly Campbell on March 14, 2013



Lots of women seem to be blessed with beautiful long and thick eyelashes. Have you ever looked at someones eyes and wished you could have luxurious fluttery eyelashes? The majority of women turn to extensions, however they are not always practical and are not a permanent solutions there are alternatives like the Lilash eyelash growth serum. This eyelash serum may help you to get the long lashes you have dreamed of. However before you buy Lilash please read the review to make sure this is the right product for you.

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Please note the Lilash product is no longer available to buy in the United States, however I have found a similar product Click Here To Get $20 Discount Off 

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The Lowdown On LiBrow With Real Librow Reviews

by Kelly Campbell on March 14, 2013



Are you one of those women that after going through trends of plucking and waxing have been left with sparse, patchy or thin eyebrows?  If you are looking  to regain those youthful and sexy arched eyebrows then you may have come across or heard of LiBrow from the same company that introduced the popular LiLash.  You may have thought about purchasing the product that claims to give you full and tinted eyebrows, however we ask you not to buy until you have read the LiBrow reviews below.

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Please note that the LiBrow Product is no longer available to purchase in the United States. 

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How to Apply False Eyelashes Easily

by Kelly Campbell on August 7, 2013

I don’t know about you but whenever I try to apply false eyelashes I end up looking like I have some sort of millipede attached to my face, that was until I cam across the Kiss Eyelash Applicator Strings! If you really want to know how to apply false eyelashes easily without any fuss then read this article I found at

How to Apply False eyelashes easily!

howtoapplyfalseeyelasheseasilyImproper application of falsies can lead to uneven, unnatural looking eyelashes and that isn’t  Juicy at all.

Kiss recognized how all lash lovers don’t all come to the table with the same level of skill and talent when applying their falsies, and figured they create their Eyelash Applicator Strings line of lashes with Juicyladies who might need a little extra assistance.

Made with premium natural hair, these falsies are equipped with a red applicator string that’s pre-glued to the lashes and aids in accurate placement.

To apply, the lashes should be gently removed from the tray while maintaining the natural curve of the lash. After the Kiss Strip Eyelash adhesive is applied and allowed to dry for 30-60 seconds on the lash, the strings should be held on both sides of the lash before being placed directly on the outer corner of the lash line.

Once the eyelash is applied to the natural lash line, it should be given 30-60 seconds to dry, before squeezing the lash with the thumb and index finger, carefully pulling the string away and in no time you have perfected the art of false eyelash application.

So if you are as clumsy as I am and want to apply your false eyelashes easily then  try the new applicator strings from Kiss. At only $3.99 it has got to be better than looking like a millipede is crawling across your face. Click here to try them for yourself.


Revitabrow Review For Ladies That Want Results

by Kelly Campbell on June 4, 2013


While many people are familiar with the flagship product of the Athena Cosmetics company Revitalash, which helps increase the volume and length of eyelashes, Athena have actually been increasing their product range significantly.

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The Introduction of Revitabrow

Brittle, sparse of thinning eyebrows are a problem for a great many women. The eyebrows can become thin or sparse as a consequence of the aging process, can be damaged by excessive plucking or waxing or can be impaired by illnesses or certain treatments such as chemotherapy. Thinner lighter eyebrows can even be attributed to genetics since you may have been born with naturally light hair which means that the color of your eyebrows doesn’t show up against your skin tone. Whatever the reason, thin sparse eyebrows can cause a real issue of self-esteem and can be difficult to correct using cosmetic products making the person feel even more self-conscious.

How Revitabrow Works

revitabrow reviewRevitabrow is an eyebrow conditioning product which is designed to help create fuller and thicker eyebrows. The product was inspired by the need of the wife of the company’s founder, who lost her lashes and eyebrows as a consequence of chemotherapy. [click to continue…]


How Does Eyelash Growth Serum Work?

by Kelly Campbell on May 28, 2013

Eyelash Growth Serum

Nothing says seduction more than being able to bat beautiful long lashes but for many of us, who weren’t naturally gifted with long thick eyelashes which can tease enough to make a heart race; it can stop us from realizing the potential of our full self-confidence.

In addition to giving us the opportunity to throw smoldering sultry looks, the humble eyelash protects our eyes from infection by filtering debris and being sensitive enough to trigger the reaction to close our eyes should something get too close. Whether you were not graced at birth, or they have thinned over time or as a side effect of dietary changes many of us seek to increase the length and volume of our eyelashes.

The Eyelash Growth Serum is Born

Although there have been varieties of false eyelashes and many cosmetic products which give the illusion of fuller longer lashes, they are sometimes messy and prone to smudging. False eyelashes or eyelash extensions may provide a great cosmetic effect initially but can cause damage to or result in the loss of your actual eyelashes on removal. This meant a great void which the cosmetics industry needed to fill. [click to continue…]


How to Define Your Eyebrows

by Kelly Campbell on May 2, 2013

How to Define your Eyebrow

Well defined and shaped eyebrows can be the foundation to a wide eyed stunning look to your makeup regime, but there are a number of things to consider before you commit to eyebrow shaping.

What’s Your Face Shape?

First and foremost is to consider your face shape and coloring. It may be your desire to emulate a particular celebrity or star’s eyebrow shape but you could have a significantly differing face shape, skin tone and eyebrow color. The shape of your eyebrows can significantly change how your face shape appears, so it is important to choose a shape which compliments your natural shape. For example if you have a long face, don’t be tempted to attempt a severe of high shape to your eyebrows as it will make your face appear even more elongated. A flatter more gentle curve will help to balance your facial shape and be much more complimentary.

Once you have determined your face shape, before you start you need to consider the eyebrow shape you are aiming for. There are a number of stencil sets which can be of a great assistance.

How to Get That Full Look

If you don’t have naturally thick eyebrows, you may find it beneficial to fill in your existing eyebrows with a makeup pencil, so you can judge how affective the shaping will be and it can help stop you from being to overenthusiastic. [click to continue…]


Eyelash Growth Products – The Facts

by Kelly Campbell on May 2, 2013

Eyelash Growth Products

For the thousands of women who haven’t been naturally endowed with thick long eyelashes, the longing for them can be a real blow to the self-confidence.  Whether you haven’t been graced from birth, if they’ve thinned due to a dietary change side effect or simple over the course of time, there are many of us seeking the answer with eyelash growing products to boost their volume and length.

The Advantages of Long Lashes

Of course throughout history beautiful long lashes have been synonymous with seduction and smoldering sultry charisma. In addition to giving us a boost in our esteem thick long eyelashes provide us with protection from eye infections. This is done by being sensitive enough to react to something being too close and trigger the reaction to close, they are also essential for filtering any grit or debris and preventing it from entering the eye.

Eyelash Growth Products

There have been a variety of products available throughout the years with availability of false eyelashes and more recently eyelash extensions. Although these can provide the desired cosmetic effect, they can be tricky to apply, messy and they can be responsible for thinning or damage done to your own eyelashes when you remove them. There are a great many cosmetic products which can give the illusion of fuller and longer eyelashes, but many people find they can be messy, sticky or prone to smudging. This left a huge demand for a suitable product which the cosmetics industry needed to fill. This has been accomplished in the last few years by a number of eyelash serums which have been developed to assist in growing additional length and adding volume to your natural eyelashes.

What Products Fail to Deliver

Unfortunately there are a number of eyelash growth products which fail to deliver a wow factor. [click to continue…]